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“It’s a competition,” Christine Voyer of South Portland says about the Challenge, “but it’s also a celebration of the efforts we are all making to be greener.”  We feel that way, too, with all of you across the state. We hope you had positive responses overall and that your workplace saw the team-building value of the event!

Without further ado, the 2019 Way 2 GO MAINE winners are:

Congratulations to each of these organizations – Way 2 GO!!! We’ll be getting in touch with awardees. Winning workplaces will receive a sweet framed award for the participating team, electronic media for bragging as you all see fit, and a donation given in the organization’s name to the Maine Cancer Foundation Access to Transportation Program – helping folks with transportation to their cancer treatments.

To be clear, all of your organizations were breathing down the neck of the competitor(s) in front of you and most placed in the top 5 of at least one category!

Here are some numbers from what you all accomplished together through the Challenge:

And don’t forget that you can click on your organization’s name on the leaderboard and view your workplace’s individual contributions to the effort.


We so appreciate:

  • your interest and enthusiasm for the Challenge
  • your outreach to co-workers and hand-holding them through the process: helping them sign up with GO MAINE and getting them started logging their trips, finding answers to their questions and nudging them along the way
  • sharing the commute love via photos, videos and stories on social media!
  • plus, you often offered your own workplace rewards, with prize drawings for snuggly hoodies (University of New England), weekly free lunch (Bowdoin College), a day off (Coastal Enterprises), among others!

Included in the highlights from the Challenge were these videos created by the fabulous Greater Portland Council of Governments (GPCOG) and Gulf of Maine Research Institute (GMRI) – thank you! The first is a mini throw-down from GPCOG the very beginning of Way 2 GO MAINE:

We also want to thank you for being out there in the world representing preferred modes of transportation and inspiring others about what’s possible (and fulfilling!) Here are just a few examples from all the folks who shared their Commuter Profiles this month:

  • Chris Michaud of Bangor walks to Bangor Savings on the waterfront most days. He describes the benefits for both him and the bank by getting to work this way. “I get to listen to my music, enjoy the outdoors, and clear my head before a busy day. It’s also great exercise!”
  • Sandy Mack who carpools 2-3 days per week from Lewiston to IDEXX in Westbrook, appreciates getting to “rest my eyes” and “catch up with my co-rider.” She says, “I really enjoy looking at the foliage and letting my eyes follow the paths in the woods looking for wildlife.”   
  • John Brooking from Westbrook, who bikes to Sappi in South Portland, shares the Way 2 GO MAINE Challenge helps with “knowing there are others out there.”
  • Christine Voyer of South Portland (mentioned above) commutes to the Gulf of Maine Research Institute in Portland and explains: “As a parent of 2 little ones, between things like day care drop-offs and pick-ups, it’s often hard to commute a greener way. I am sure there are lots of parents that feel that way. One thing I’ve found is that those days where it really can work to bike, bus, or carpool, I have to really give myself that extra nudge to do it. The Way 2 GO MAINE Challenge and our awesome staff champion are awesome little nudges. Whenever I make it work to go the greener way, I celebrate it. When I don’t, I don’t beat myself up. I remind myself that when the kids are older, I can be the regular bike commuter I want to be.” 


  • Everyone can keep logging those greener trips to receive year-round GO MAINE rewards. 
  • And active GO MAINE members (going green three or more times a week) are eligible for the Emergency Ride Home Benefit
  • Some of you have asked if GO MAINE is available to come speak with your workplace about the statewide commuter assistance program – and/or the Way 2 GO MAINE Challenge – at some point in the future. The answer is yes! Please contact Rebecca Grover, the Program Coordinator, to request a visit.

Thank you for the gifts of your time and interest and support. We’ve been so impressed and you have offered great inspiration for the rest of the state!