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Maybe you have always worked from home. Maybe you are starting a new job that allows telework one or more days a week. Maybe you get to work from home on snow days. Maybe you are working remotely because your workplace is closed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Whatever the reason, it’s a great way to save money and time on your commute to work – and it takes cars of the road. So let us support and reward you!


Record your telework trips in your free GOMAINE account and watch the points add up for our year-round online rewards program – with local, national and online restaurant coupons, retailers discounts, and tickets to shows and attractions. You can also use the points for our monthly drawings. More info at www.gomaine/Get-Rewards



Working at home? New to telework? Have employees you’re supervising remotely?

Here are some helpful hints and reminders:

Communication Is Key:

  • What are your expectations as an employee? What are your manager’s expectations of you? Managers will need to manage tasks, not your time.
  • What methods of communication are acceptable? Email? Text? Make sure technology is fully online to communicate well. What collaborative platforms are being used? Is everyone comfortable with them?
  • Communicate your needs and expectations early and often! Regularly scheduled check-ins are important. Plan around them and be active in them. Maybe even make them fun? Have a theme? A DJ? A fun ice breaker?
  • Also communicate with the folks you share space with, like your spouse or your kids. Devise a plan to let them know when you need quiet and can’t be interrupted!

Make Your Routine Well, Routine:

Establishing a consistent routine. Employees should maintain regular work periods when you can (realizing there are home responsibilities as well). Get your time in but don’t work too much either.

Busy, Busy, Busy:

When you commute to the workplace every day you are likely walking to and from the bus or walking to lunch. Be sure to incorporate activity when you are teleworking. Walk around the neighborhood, keep some light hand weights by your desk or do some stretching – you are already in yoga pants anyway.

Change It Up:

A change of environment within your home workspace can keep you energized and productive throughout the day. Move to a different desk or play different music. Take your work outside and enjoy the sun if you can.

Plan, But Be Flexible:

If schools and businesses close and you are not alone in your house, plan to take shifts for childcare or helping with school work and adjust your work schedule as needed. Setting clear expectations for work and home will be important. Again, communication is key!