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Park & Ride lots are an important element of the carpool and vanpool network in Maine, providing a convenient location for commuters to meet and leave their cars. Below is an interactive map showing all official Park and Ride lots in Maine managed by the MaineDOT and/or the Maine Turnpike Authority. View a sortable list of all lots.

Park and Ride road sign.MAINE’S PARK & RIDE PROGRAM

The Park & Ride Program is designed to encourage and support commuter ridesharing across Maine. It reduces traffic congestion, roadway wear and tear, and greenhouse gas emissions. Please follow these Park & Ride rules.

  • Extended parking (more than 24 hours) is not permitted between November 1st and April 30th. This ensures that we can plow and sand the lots during snow season.
  • Parking for more than seven days is not allowed.
  • Camping, soliciting, littering or loitering is prohibited.
  • RV’s, campers, trailers or vehicles longer than 24 feet aren’t allowed.
  • Please park only in designated areas–not on the grass.
  • The use of Park & Ride lots is at your own risk. Be sure to lock up before you leave your car.
  • Vehicles will be towed at the owner’s expense if these rules are violated

For additional commuter information: 800-280-RIDE